Lessons From The Recession


Our CEO, Troy Waugh, asked me the other day what I have learned from living through this recession. After reflecting on this for a few days it hit me that first, I hope that I did indeed live through it, meaning it is over and not to be back for a while.

Then there are several things that I can point to as lessons from this recession.

I learned that you must continue to have faith that things will improve. It may take some time and in this case much longer than most any recession this country has ever seen, however if you produce something that has true value to someone else, they will see it, buy it, refer it, and thus help you get through.

I learned that the world continues to turn. In spite of the recession and all the horrible reality associated with it, ingenious people continue to have good ideas and invent new ways to deliver new goods and services that fit peoples’ lives and have value. The way you do things may change or be altered like never before however life doesn’t stop so you must continue moving yourself.

I learned that staying in the game can be a victory in itself and to do that you need to step back to determine what you do at your core that has value, then focus there, and deliver it to the market.

I learned that internal trust and communication is critical in helping you move through the greatest of challenges, even when it seems as though your pains are too great to overcome.

Finally, I learned that the more personal relationships you develop and cultivate, the more likely you will be to not only make it through the bad times but you will set yourself up to really thrive in the good times.

“The way out is through”   Robert Frost

Patrick Pruett

Enterprise Worldwide


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